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Version 10.8.1

Release Date: April 18th, 2023


  • The Mapbox logo has been added to the bottom left corner of the Home Page and now appears in the Map View when it's expanded.

  • Rotation error detection for embedded spherical panoramas from imported .e57 files now positions panoramas based on the correlation between the panorama images and the point cloud.


  • Several vulnerabilities were resolved, rendering the application more secure.

  • Maps are no longer automatically removed when a site model is changed, only when a floor or building is deleted.

  • Width and Height controls were added to iFrame, making it easier to visualize content embedded to POI descriptions (such as PDFs).


  • When switching floors, the dataset tree expands the selected floor and collapses and hides all the others.

  • LAS point records now show at least one return for each point.

  • Data corruption affecting points when exporting cropped point clouds in .rcs or .pod formats has been resolved.

  • Instance capacity and storage consumed by datasets are now correctly displayed in an instance.

  • The column showing the size of all uploaded, processing, and processed datasets has been updated to display decimal values.

  • The new Person Blurring feature automatically detects faces and bodies in the point cloud and panoramas and blurs them during post-processing.