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Version 10.7.2

Release date: January 23rd, 2023


  • When drawing a room, the process will help you by snapping the outline to any adjacent rooms.

  • The on-premise version of NavVis IVION now ships with updated database container software.


  • An error message is no longer displayed when adding a dataset to dataset management as the actual available disk space is now correctly reported by IVION.

  • Snapping from room to room boundaries after saving is now possible.
  • The +Building button is disabled while saving a Site Model to prevent issues.

  • When the POI dialog is in full-screen mode, one close (x) button on the top right of the page is now displayed instead of two.

  • The users list in the embedded website now displays pagination buttons along the bottom of the screen.

Cloud Processing Add-on


  • You can now view and download a surveyed control point file in processing settings if it was used to process a dataset.