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Version 10.5.0

Release Date: 25th August 2022


  • The NavVis IVION interface is now available in Spanish.

  • Use the Mark & Measure tool to easily duplicate measurements or markings and then move them around the image to fully realize the implications of various planning scenarios: copy/move/rotate a single measurement through right-click menu or keyboard shortcuts (Ctrl+C/ Ctrl+V).

  • There is now the ability to show and switch between different coordinate systems in the Mark & Measure tool for point measurement and cursor.The selected coordinate reference system information for point measurements in the Mark & Measure mode is now displayed in the export modal and exported PDF.

  • Public sites can now be hidden from the dashboard of guest users with access enabled only by sharing the link to the site.

  • Creation date and when the POI was last updated can now be viewed.


  • Generating 2D maps in your IVION instance is now up to 10 times faster.

  • The site dashboard now clusters nearby sites and responds much faster when there are multiple sites present.

  • Messages displayed in the dataset alignment panel now provide improved clarity and feedback.


  • The delete bundle operation is now more robust.
  • Editing the boundary of a site entity will now also focus the side views on it.
  • The Z coordinate now works as expected when converting to and from the coordinate systems using imperial units.



  • The legacy long-lived authentication token has been deprecated and will no longer be accepted by new instances. It has been replaced by a more secure, short-lived access token and the long-lived refresh token.
  • Existing instances still allow the use of the legacy token by default, new instances do not. The administrator can change this in the instance settings until support for the legacy token is removed in a future version.

  • Refer to the API Documentation in the REST API section for more information on the migration process.