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Version 10.4.0

Release Date: 7th June 2022


  • The dataset tree in Dataset Alignment, Crop & Download Point Cloud, the Site Model editor, the Datasets menu and the Edit Bundle dialog now has a new design.

  • You can now sort and filter datasets in the datasets tree using different criteria.

  • Point clouds are now highlighted in the scene when hovering over the corresponding dataset in the dataset tree.

  • You can now see the rotation point when rotating datasets in Dataset Alignment.

  • You can now see the coordinates of point measurements in the measurements list, in the export modal and in exported PDFs.

  • You can now share measurement folders. The structure of the folder will be maintained when sharing.

  • When taking rectangle or polygon measurements, you can now see the length of the line being drawn.

  • We redesigned the Run automatic alignment function in Dataset Alignment.

  • You can now map multiple OIDC groups to the same NavVis IVION group and use * and ? as wildcard characters.

  • Manual editing of user groups is now disabled when external user groups are mapped to NavVis IVION.

  • You now have the option to use local permissions when setting up user groups even if external group mappings already exist in NavVis IVION.

  • You now have the option of letting users be automatically deleted from NavVis IVION when they are deleted from an identity provider system.

  • Some changes made to datasets such as hidden images and dataset names are now retained when downloading and reuploading datasets or bundles.

  • You can no longer generate simple maps and downloading and reuploading maps is no longer possible.

  • You can now view detailed information about your NavVis IVION subscription usage, both per instance and per site.


  • When using Single Sign-On, the user information is now synced on every login instead of only on sign-up.

  • The performance of the Site Model editor has been improved.

  • POI IDs with more than 15 digits are now displayed correctly in Excel when exporting POIs in .csv format.

  • NavVis IVION now supports the coordinate systems EPSG:6993 and EPSG:8395.


  • We fixed an issue where downloading maps failed.

  • We fixed an issue where downloaded bundles did not include datasets.

  • In Crop & Download Point Cloud, .las files now have a valid bounding box and no longer specify WGS 84 as the coordinate system.



  • Transforming quaternions with the NavVis IVION Frontend API or REST API now requires a location in order to handle differences between grid north and true north correctly.

  • oidc_group_name is now called sso_group_names.

Note: With NavVis IVION 10.5.0 the old long-lived authentication tokens will be deprecated in favor of the short-lived refresh and access tokens released in NavVis IVION 10.1.0.


  • The NavVis IVION Frontend API now includes a new endpoint that allows you to switch between modes.


  • Searching for POIs and site entities using the NavVis IVION REST API is now more reliable.

  • The active property on the AbstractViewInterface and setSceneRendering method on IvionInterface have been removed from the NavVis IVION Frontend API.

  • The build system and dependencies of the sample apps have been updated to the latest versions.


  • Changing sites no longer shows "Entity not found" errors.