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NavVis IVION Interface

After you log in to NavVis IVION, the interface changes depending on whether you have access to only one site or multiple sites.

If you have access to multiple sites, you enter the NavVis IVION instance dashboard. From the instance dashboard, you see a list of the last visited sites, and those sites are displayed as blue pins on the map. For more information, see Exploring an Instance (Multiple Sites Only).

If you only have access to one site, you enter the default view of the site. Access the site menu on the left of the screen to start configuring your site. From the site menu, select a menu icon, or select the three bar icon in the search box to expand the menu and see the icon names. For more information about working in a site, see Exploring a Site.

To expand a menu and show its sub-menu, select the site menu icon.

If you only have access to one site, you can close the sub-menus from the top of the menu by selecting the Back arrow.
If you have access to more than one site, go back to the instance dashboard by selecting Back to all sites from the top of the menu.