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Overview of NavVis IVION Documentation

The documentation describes how to setup, administrate, and use all the functions and features of NavVis IVION. It also provides instructions on using the NavVis IVION Add-In for Revit.

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The NavVis IVION Setup documentation provides step-by-step instructions on the following topics:

  • Setting up and activating a NavVis IVION cloud instance.
  • Adding sites to the instance.

  • Processing data.

  • Uploading and adding data to a site.

  • Aligning datasets.

  • Creating a site model.

  • Creating an alignment bundle.

  • Adding maps and navigation graphs.

  • Setting up NavVis Positioning (Enterprise Only).

  • Quality checking your instance.

The NavVis IVION Administration documentation provides step-by-step instructions on the following topics:

  • Understanding and using administration roles.

  • Instance administration:

    • Configuring the instance.

    • Managing users and user groups.

    • Setting up external user authentication (Enterprise Only).

    • Using POI audit tracking (Enterprise Only).

  • Site administration:

    • Configuring a site.

    • Importing and exporting POIs.

Using NavVis IVION Documentation

The NavVis IVION user documentation provides step-by-step instructions on using all the functions and features:

  • Exploring the instance dashboard (available with more than one site).

  • Exploring a site.

  • Taking measurements.

  • Cropping and downloading point clouds.

  • Creating and managing points of interest (POIs).

  • Searching an instance or a site.

  • Sharing URLs for POIs, locations, and site model entities.

The NavVis IVION Add-In for Revit Documentation provides step-by-step instructions on the following topics:

  • Installing the add-in.

  • Connecting to NavVis IVION.

  • Creating and saving a transformation.

  • Finding a location in NavVis IVION.

  • Taking measurements in NavVis IVION.