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Usage Metrics

These following metrics will give you an overview of your data usage for all sites and instances.

Cloud Storage

Cloud storage displays the storage size of all the datasets uploaded (recorded data) and processed in NavVis IVION Processing and NavVis IVION Processing Enterprise.
Note: The counting does not affect the storage size and usage of NavVis IVION instances.
Layer 1

For information of how the cloud storage is calculated and storage management tips refer to Calculating the Storage and Processing Units

Processing Balance

Processing balance accounts for post-processing and usage of other features such as Person blurring. The area is counted only within 10 meter range of mapping trajectory. Data outside of the radius is processed, but not billed. Overlapping area is counted only once against the balance.
Note: Successful reprocessing of datasets is also counted against the balance.
Layer 1
Processing Units are units of usage which can be used for all of data processing functionalities, such as post-processing and Person Blurring.
Note: Processing Units are non-refundable and expire after one year. They require at least one active NavVis IVION Core or NavVis IVION Enterprise instance.
For information on how processing units are calculated, refer to Calculating the Storage and Processing Units