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Booking an Instance Key

Every NavVis IVION instance requires a valid instance key with appropriate parameters (active modules, licensed area, start and expiration date).

Follow these steps to book an instance key:
  1. In NavVis IVION, go to Instance Settings > Instance Key.
  2. Check the number Current panoramas.
  3. Go to the NavVis Portal and log in.
  4. Go to My Products > Manage On-Premise Instances.
  5. Click + Book a new IVION Core instance.
  6. Fill out the form that opens with the required parameters. Use the number from Current panoramas to choose the number of available panoramas you want the instance to have. The minimum number is 1250. You can increase the number of panoramas in steps of 1250.
    Note: You can always upgrade an instance key, but not downgrade it.
  7. Click Book.
Once the instance is booked, an entry appears in the Instances table. You can expand the entry to show all the information on your instance.

Adding an Instance Key

Follow these steps to add an instance key to your NavVis IVION instance:
  1. Log in to the NavVis Portal.
  2. Go to My Products > Manage On-Premise Instances.
  3. Copy the instance key to your clipboard.
  4. In the NavVis IVION instance, go to Instance Settings > Instance Key.
  5. Paste the instance key into the text field.
  6. Click Save.
  7. Reload the web page.

Instance Key Information

You can find out information about an instance's current key under Instance Settings > Instance Key.

The tab contains the following information:

  • Valid from: Date when the instance key starts being valid

  • Expires on: Date when the key expires

  • Licensed users: Number of users included in the license

  • Counted users: Number of users currently used

  • Licensed panoramas: Number of panoramas included in the license

  • Current panoramas: Number of panoramas currently being used in the instance

  • Currently in database: Number of square meters currently in the database

  • Modules: List of modules that the instance key unlocks