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Data Visibility Editing

The Data Visibility Editor (beta version) enables you to hide old data, so that only the newest data is displayed, improving the general appearance of the point cloud, specifically at the edges of the dataset. This is particularly useful for hiding areas that overlap when there have been re-scans.

Outdated panoramic images are hidden along with point clouds. Hidden panoramic images are not counted against your pano count.

When editing the visibility of datasets, no datasets are deleted only hidden. Panoramic images and point clouds are hidden from view but can also be un-hidden at any time.

Changes to the point cloud and panoramic images visibility will be consistent across the other tools (Crop & Download, Mark & Measure, etc.).

POIs or measurements are not changed in anyway and remain visible.

This option cannot be activated for third party data.

By default, only admins and site admins can edit data visibility, however these rights can be assigned to user groups with manage data rights.
Note: This feature is only available for NavVis IVION (hosted on the cloud).

Preparing the Data

Data needs to be prepared before you can use the data visibility tool. Depending on the volume of data, it may take some time to process.

Refer to Creating a Site Model Manually, and check that all the settings are correct in the Site Model.
  • Check that the settings for the floors are correct. If the floor is a mezzanine, check that this is defined correctly, refer to Defining a Floor

  • Check that the ground floor is defined correctly and contains all relevant data.

  1. From the Site Setup Menu, navigate to Data Visibility.
  2. Click Prepare Data to begin the process of preparing the datasets for editing.
  3. If new datasets are added or any datasets are changed, the preparation step is automatically performed again for those affected datasets. Examples of changes to the datasets:
    • A new dataset/bundle loaded.

    • The floor level of the site model was updated.

    • An alignment was changed in any of the levels.

    • A floor was marked as a Mezzanine.

  4. During the preparation process the dataset will be locked andis displayed.
    Note: While Preparing is displayed, the dataset is locked and no interaction with the dataset is possible.
  5. There will be a pause while preparing the data. Once the process has finished, you can begin editing the visibility of the datasets.

Hiding Data

The following describes the procedure for hiding outdated data in your site or to reduce overlapping between different datasets.

Prepare data process has been performed, refer to .Preparing the Data.
  1. To return to the Data Visibility Editor go to Site Setup > Data Visibility.
    The dataset tree displays all datasets that were scanned in chronological order (newest at the top, oldest at the bottom).
  2. Click on the Hide Overlap iconalongside the dataset you want to select for editing.
  3. Click Apply changes to save the changes you have made.
    Note: After clicking Apply changes there will be a pause while the processing.
  4. The result will be sections of the older datasets and overlapping datasets (lower in the dataset tree) will be hidden from view where newer data is available. If selected, the dataset will be hiding overlapping data of the older datasets. The newer datasets will remain unaffected.
  5. Check the changes in the Top View and 3D point cloud view in all data visibility edits.
  6. To undo hiding the dataset, click on the Hide Overlap icon again and click Apply changes and the hidden dataset will be displayed again.
  7. To discard all changes click Delete all changes.
    CAUTION: Discarding all changes will delete all the changes throughout the site, and you will need to prepare the datasets again.