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Version: 10.6

Exploring an Instance (Multiple Sites Only)

Note: You must have more than one site in NavVis IVION to see the instance dashboard. If you have only one site, you enter that site after you login.
Follow these steps to explore the NavVis IVION instance:
  1. Log in to your NavVis IVION instance.
  2. If the instance has more than one site, you enter the NavVis IVION instance dashboard and can do the following:
    • See all the sites in your instance on the map represented by blue pins.

    • Select a site from Last visited sites list to enter the site, or select a site marker (blue pin) from the map for the site you want to enter.

    • Select the Sites icon (globe) on the left to go to a larger version of the map. This map lists all of the sites in the instance and shows them as blue pins on the map. To go back to the instance dashboard, select the instance dashboard icon (4 squares).
    • To search for a site, from the top left of the instance, click the search button. From the top left of the instance, in the Search sites text box, start typing the name of a site. To enter a site, select a site from the list that appears. For more information about searching in NavVis IVION, see Searching for Sites
    • From the map, hover over a site marker (blue pin) to see that site name. To enter that site, click the site marker on the map.
    • To zoom in or out of the map: Use the mouse scroll button to zoom in (forward scroll), or zoom out (backward scroll), or click the zoom menu at the top right of the map to zoom in (+) to or out (-). To zoom in, double click on the map location.
    • To move to a location on the map, click the desired location, or hold the left mouse button down, and move the map to your desired location.
  3. From the top right of the instance dashboard, select the User icon to open the user panel:

    For more information on the User menu, see Viewing and Changing User Settings

    1. Select Edit profile to change your profile settings.
    2. Select Language and Unit System to change the Language and unit system.
    3. Select Documentation to launch the NavVis IVIONuser documentation.
    4. Select Sign Out, to sign out of NavVis IVION.