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In an NavVis IVION site, you can share URLs to locations, points of interest (POI), site model entities, and measurements.

In a site, from the left menu, select Share.
When sharing a URL, you have two options:
  • Click the Copy to clipboard icon next to the Web address to copy the URL and share it directly.
  • Click the email icon next to the Web address to start writing a new email with the URL copied in the message body. This only works if you have a default email program configured on your computer.

Sharing a POI

From a POI details panel, you can share a link to a POI.

When you open the share link, their panorama view moves to a location and orientation where the POI is visible, and they also see its details panel. You can verify what that will look like: your own view moves to that same place when you click the Share button on the details panel.

Sharing a Site Model Entity

From the details panel of a site model entity, you can share a link to that building, floor, or room, by clicking on the Share button, like with a POI. When someone opens this share link, their panorama view moves to the location closest to the center of the site model entity.

Sharing a Location

You can share your current location and view orientation by opening the Share menu from the left menu. This share URL does not include any POI or site model entity you may have selected.

Sharing a Custom Location

You can long-press (or long-click) anywhere on the map or panorama view to create a Custom Location, which you can share like a point of interest.

Sharing Measurements

Follow these steps to share measurements with other users:
  1. Click Mark & Measure in the main menu.
  2. From the Mark & Measure menu, select the measurement(s) or the folder that you want to share by clicking the checkbox next to the measurement(s) or folder.
  3. Click the Share icon.
    After clicking the Share icon, all selected measurements are listed in the Export Measurements dialog with the following information:
    • The measurement name
    • The measurement distance
    • A point measurement location
    • A link to the measurement, which you can copy by right clicking or selecting the quick copy button next to the measurement address.
    • A screenshot of the measurement
  4. Click Export as PDF.