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Using POI Audit Tracking (Enterprise Only)

POI audit tracking allows the changes made to POIs in a NavVis IVION site to be tracked. By default, the settings are only available to a global admin and site admins. However, a global admin can give other users permission to download audit logs.

Activating POI Audit Tracking

Follow these steps to activate POI audit tracking:

  1. Click Audit.
  2. In the POIs  section, move the toggle button to Active.
  3. Select a time frame from the Keep audit logs for drop-down menu.
  4. From the POI audit logs for drop-down menu, select the site(s) for which you want to track POI auditing.

Downloading POI Audit Logs

Follow these steps to download POI audit logs.

In order to download POI audit logs, a user must either be a global admin or must be assigned to a group that has the Export POI audit records role.
  1. Click Audit.
  2. In the POIs section, click Download.
  3. In the dialog that opens, select a .csv delimiter.
  4. From the Time drop-down menu, select the time for which you want to download the log files.
  5. Click Download.
    Note: POI audit logs can be empty, if
    • there are no changes to POIs.
    • a time frame is selected for which tracking was not activated.