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Managing Your Subscription

The different NavVis IVION packages are limited based on the number of panoramic images that can be used in an instance.

Why use panoramic images instead of square meters?

The number of panoramic images in an instance represents the area that was intended to be scanned. Alternatively, the point cloud-based calculation of square meters is often not as accurate, as extra points can easily be captured unintentionally.

Counting panoramic images is also more economical when it comes to types of data that do not require a lot of panoramic images like outdoor and drone data, and data captured with a static laser scanner. This means NavVis IVION can display a greater square meter area without using up too much of the subscription.

How are panoramic images counted?

Within each dataset, only panoramic images that are two meters or more away from all other panoramic images are counted towards the subscription.

This ensures that

  • the subscription limit does not affect dense scanning. You can still capture panoramic images every one meter for a natural walk-through experience on NavVis IVION.
  • only panoramic images containing new and therefore valuable building information are counted. Panoramas that are less than two meters apart are likely to show the same building information.

The counting algorithm uses a hexagon-based logic to draw a 'honeycomb' across the data. Only one panoramic image is counted per hexagon (ca. 22 m2).

How is the number of panoramic images converted to square meters?

To approximate the number of panoramic images to square meters we use a ratio of 1 panoramic image : 20 m2. However, in many cases one panoramic image covers more than 20 m2.

Consider the following example of a factory with indoor data captured by a NavVis device and outdoor drone data. The factory has an area of approximately 1360 m2 and includes 61 counted panoramic images. Based on the ratio of 1 panoramic image : 20 m2 the factory is estimated to have an area of 1220 m2. The project, therefore, covers a greater square meter area than estimated by our metric.

How do I know how many counted panoramic images there are in my instance?

Panoramic images are counted per instance. You can view the details of your subscription via Instance Settings > Subscription.

Once a dataset or bundle is uploaded to NavVis IVION, you can see the number of counted panoramic images via Site Setup > Dataset Management. If the panoramic images in a dataset or bundle exceed the subscription limit, a warning message is shown and the dataset or bundle cannot be uploaded to NavVis IVION.

If I hide a panoramic image, does it count towards the subscription?

No, hidden panoramas are not included in the count. However, hiding a panorama can lead to a nearby image being counted instead.

How do panoramic images relate to GB?

For scan data uploaded to an instance, we give a capacity of 6 GB for 50 panoramic images.
Note: Uploading other types of data like POI attachments will increase the amount of GB consumed.