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Admin Roles in NavVis IVION

This section describes the admin roles in NavVis IVION.

There are three admin roles in NavVis IVION:

1. Instance Admin

If you are using NavVis IVION in NavVis Cloud, you may have an instance admin. An instance admin has the same rights as a global admin, but can additionally access the NavVis Cloud instance management dashboard where they can create, activate, and remove instances. The instance admin can be the same as the global admin or the instance admin can assign another global admin. If you are using NavVis IVION Enterprise or an on-premise installation, this role is not applicable.

2. Global Admin

A global admin is the manager of a NavVis IVION instance and has access to all sites and site content. A global admin can add, delete and edit users, and can assign site and global admins.

3. Site Admin

A site admin has full access to their sites' content and can manage user permissions for the specific sites they are assigned to. A user can be a site admin of multiple sites.

If you want to know more about user roles in NavVis IVION go here.