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Version: 10.0

NavVis IVION Changelog

What's new, improved and fixed in NavVis IVION.

Version 10.0.3#

Release Date: 22nd June 2021


  • The performance of creating maps and navigation graphs has been improved.


  • Switching between NavVis IVION sites was sometimes showing an error message.

  • All site pins are now displayed in embedded NavVis IVION instances.

  • Users can now grant group permissions as expected.

  • The grey line indicating zero heightis now displayed correctly in the Dataset Alignment and Site Model editors.

Cloud Processing Add-On#


  • Processing tasks are no longer failing due to interruptions.

  • NavVis VLX and NavVis M6-specific processing settings are now displayed in the processing task overview.

Version 10.0.2#

Release Date: 26th May 2021


  • The option Show map in Dataset Alignment is now activated by default.


  • Usernames from OpenID Connect are now displayed as first and last name or as the email address of the user.

  • The layout of NavVis IVION has been improved for Safari.


  • The Users tab is now displayed correctly in empty instances.

  • Creating maps now works as expected when a bundle contains multiple buildings.

  • The override of an OpenID Connect Resource Server group array JWT claim is now applied after restarting NavVis IVION.

Version 10.0.1#

Release Date: 29th April 2021


  • There are improvements to the migration of NavVis IndoorViewer instances to NavVis IVION.


  • Dataset Management now refreshes after adding a dataset from the Cloud Processing Add-on.

  • We fixed an issue that prevented the current domain of the client from being used when using Share Measurements.

  • Uploading and queued datasets in multiple sites are no longer displayed.

  • The chunk uploader (used for point cloud, bundle, dataset, and visual index upload) no longer creates corrupted files under certain circumstances.

Version 10.0.0#

Release Date: 27th April 2021


  • You can now create multiple sites within a NavVis IVION instance to a group scan data into unique projects or locations. The support of sites also includes the following changes:

    • All data created and uploaded is now positioned in a site coordinate system. This allows the data to be aligned both locally with regard to other data as well as globally. Data can be imported and exported in various coordinate systems, including the site coordinate system.

    • Data added to a site must be within 20 km of the center of that site.

    • There is now a dashboard that gives an overview of all the sites a user has permissions to view within an instance.

    • The login page has been updated.

    • The side menu is now divided into instance and site level menu items.
    • Instance configuration is now separate from site configuration.

    • The Cloud Processing Add-On is now on the site level. After migration, previously submitted processing tasks will not show up in the overview of each site. Uploaded or processed data is migrated.

    • URLs now include a site ID that enables deep-linking to a specific site. Existing deep links to POIs and images will continue to work. Deep links to measurements will have to be updated.

    • User permissions are now applied by site.

    • Each site now has its own Admin user group. This group has full admin permissions for a specific site.

    • The user profile now only displays the group permissions for the site currently being viewed.

    • Visual Indices must now be upload in .nvi format. After migration, Visual Indices must be reprocessed.

    • OpenID Connect and POI Audit Tracking are no longer available for instances. OpenID Connect will remain enabled for NavVis IVION Core instances that already use it.

  • Internet Explorer 11 is no longer supported.


  • <video> tags are now allowed in POI descriptions.

  • There are several security improvements.


  • Location markers are now displayed on the correct floor regardless of the height where the image was taken.